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[Real Estate] The Mansions - ParkCity Hanoi


- Increased brand awareness for Parkcity Hanoi Community project - especially The Mansions subdivision through online channels.

- Attract potential customers


- Developed fanpage content according to plans and orientations, with diverse and attractive content according to the unified posting schedule.

- Increased interaction for fanpage through posts and videos.

- Optimized traffic to websites via Ureka DSP, Facebook, Google and banner ads on Admicro system sites.

- Attracting video views (TVC) of the project through advertising on Ureka DSP and Facebook.

- Approach to potential customer via VOV Traffic radio channel.

- Create funnel and optimized to attract quality customer data (Qualified Leads).

TIMELINE: 3,5 months (01/11/2018 - 15/02/2019)

- The Mansions is a project in Parkcity Hanoi community project, including premium villas located in the center of Hanoi city, so the project value is very high.

- Target customers are hard-to-reach.


- Approach to customers through channels what help to increase brand awareness, such as: Standard Banner DSP, DSP Video in banner, Facebook Page Post and Facebook Page View.

- Optimizing criteria for targeting target customers (age, geographic/location, interest, devices, etc...).

Reach to potential customers & optimize with quality content and impressive images.

- Remarketing to customers who have interacted with fanpage or customers who clicked on the landing page (customers are interested in the project or potential customers).

- Optimized and motivated potential customers to learn more about the project through the informations on the landing page.


- Achieve 106% KPIs compared to commitments, with very high VR and CTR rates.

VR: 49,96% 

CTR: 4,96%

- Collect 200 qualified leads.

- Customers are very satisfied and signed more contracts for the project in the period March 2019 - June 2019.

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