Do you know how those famous Instagram guru’s and online business owners absolutely kill it on Instagram? It’s all about those analytics. They’ve got a hold on the analytical side of Instagram marketing and now you can too.

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When learning how to measure your Instagram analytics you need to keep a few things in mind, such as likes, comments, hashtags, and the Insights tab.

First, you need an understanding of why your Instagram analytics matter in the first place. You want likes and followers to build up the reputation of your brand. You may even enjoy seeing your follower count go up as you expand your marketing efforts.

After you take control of your Instagram analytics you will be able to dominate social media.

More likes, more comments?

In the social media marketing world likes and comments are seen as vanity metrics. While this is true to some extent you can use those likes and comments to bring notoriety and trust to your brand.

Measure your Instagram analytics by taking a look at the right-hand side of your business account. Sure, there are other cool tools you can use but you might as well take advantage of the free “insights” tab that Instagram offers too.

The reason you want to measure Instagram results is because that pesky algorithm (the thing that stops you from getting views) is only going to show your content if you have enough people interacting on your business page.

So yes, the more likes and comments the better off you are. Have you ever been compelled to like a post on Instagram just because your friend liked it? That’s the simple power of likes.

Engagements are how people take-action on your page, be it page views, likes, or comments.

According to Influencer Hub, the average engagement rate is 3%. As a savvy business owner, you should aim for that average and higher if you really want your potential customers to be interactive.

Location matters

Now, I’m going to let you in on a tip. You need to be updating your location on your Instagram posts. Why?

Simply because other Instagram users are going to see your content that way. That means people in your area will see your posts since you used the location tag. Besides, who doesn’t want more eyes on their business?

Measuring your Instagram analytics includes your location. If you look at the “insights” tab on your business profile you’ll find the top 5 cities where people are engaging with your content. Take note of this, if you’re an online business owner you may want to target those cities using hashtags or ads.

Wait, is my ideal customer seeing my content?

This is just another reason to measure your Instagram analytics. None of these Instagram metrics matter if you’re not reaching the people who need to see your brand. You have a target customer or buyer persona in mind and now you can reach out to them.

Are you looking to market yourself towards men or women? What age ranges are you reaching? Take a close look at the people who are interacting on your page. Are they your ideal customer?

If not, switch up your content strategy. The best way to see if you’re reaching the right audience is to take a peek at those insights. You will be able to tell which posts have the most likes and how many “impressions” you have.

Impressions are just another way of seeing how many accounts have viewed or come across your content. This could be through hashtags, followers, IG ads, Instagram stories, IGTV, and even location tagging.

Timing is everything

Did you know you can see which days and times your followers interact and find your account at? Any new followers you receive are counted according to the times they find you.

For instance, if you take a look at your insights and profile activity, you will see that people usually aren’t on Instagram at 3 AM (unless you’re overseas)

Use this information to your advantage. If the insights tab is telling you that most people find your account at 8 PM on Wednesday’s then you better be ready to show up consistently.


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