More than 68 million Vietnamese users share content on the Internet every day (*) - an enormous amount of information that overwhelms us. The solution many brands and agencies are searching for is how to come up with a creative and unique communication strategy.

Is it correct if we focus only on creative factor?

Correct but not enough

Correct because creativity is the first thing that attracts consumers.

Some creative messages can be mentioned in the last New Year of the Rat, such as “Thấy Tết Lớn! Mừng Tết Lớn” - Samsung, “Ai chuyện cũ bán hông” - Mirinda, “Mở yêu thương, lan hương Tết” – Downy. With the goal of occupying the "spotlight" at the time of rising demand, the measure of KPI for success is the uniqueness of the message. Looking through the comments of Downy “Mở yêu thương, lan hương Tết" campaign, we will find that most users express their appreciation for the profound content that Downy wants to convey.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why brands are becoming more "demanding" for the creativity of advertising agencies and the agencies have no choice but to adapt and participate in the game.

only focus on creative idea - is it enough for IMC plan

But not enough. A marketing message needs to be consistent with the intended audience and must be accompanied by smart channel targeting with good distribution strategy to maximize effectiveness.(performance)

How do brands predict the success of the ideas which the agency recommends when they are just a "proposal"? Subjective opinion is not enough if you ignore the indicators and strategies to push the message. Has the KPI been set in line with the goal? What is the reason for the difference in ad delivery rates between channels? Did Agency understand the user's contact points? Keep your feet on the ground and consider the "performance" factor before putting your pen to the advertising contract.

Is the nature of performance marketing just paid advertising?

Any form of advertising will cost you lots, but for Performance Marketing, to be more accurate, you are paying for the efficiency you receive from advertising.

A brand runs a campaign in the format of Music Marking (music marketing) with the goal that as many viewers as possible which serves the ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness and number of orders. With Performance Marketing, this brand does not spend a lot of money without knowing in advance how many views (views) and how many interactions (engagement). Money is only paid for measurable effectiveness.

More importantly, performance marketing also helps deliver advertising messages to the right audience, based on accurate identification of touch-points on the journey of customer experience (customer journey).

Effective communication campaigns need a combination of creativity and practicality

Don't stop getting more and more creative but control them like kites with strings. Creativity must be realistic, creativity is only effective when considering user behavior. Big Data will be an effective tool for agencies and brands to plan the perfect communication.

As an agency leading the new integrated marketing trend - Performance Based IMC, Ureka Media brings innovative integrated solutions from Big Data and effective control with Performance Marketing, which is the solution that your brand is looking for. 

Vân Phạm

Digital Content Leader

Translated by Hailey Do

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