In the modern era, there is nothing for free... when you use free technology applications, technology companies will base on personal data for profit purpose.

Recently, Asia Pacific account for a half number of population worldwide, internet user increased 10 percent annually from 2016 to 2018 and mobile social network rose 27 percent per year.

With the speed of technology development and technique around few years ago, Data is considered to be the fuel of the digital economy. We are living in the age that huge amounts of data are generated every minute from billions of smartphones, using some social platforms such as Facebook, Whatapp, Line, … Specially is Google. As a result, earning profit from user data is becoming a form of exploitation of the digital age because companies earned around billions of dollars without permission or deduction of commissions for user.

Siemens – a technology company carries in its mind: “We have to know that data appear everywhere and it could be generated in one second by a day. We need to recognize the important of data as a property – thereby making it valuable”

How to turn data into properties?

Trading activities keep the user going extremely vibrant but full of mysteries. “residence data” is collected information to serve for unidentified purpose via cookie and Pixel which leads to produce advertisement effectively and efficiently for you. Besides, it will support to help you to manage marketing campaign at the same time.

For example:  Advertisers use Cookie to produce for you some information, product, service could be concerned on differentiated webs. Firm also use these information to research about interest, behavior and habit of consumer ...  from that give some promotion event, marketing, concentrate directly on people’s consumption as a case of WhatsApp sharing name and phone number with Facebook, so that company can reach prospect by advertising platform. Thanks to this method that leads social manager succeed in earning profit from expected consumer. 

Typically the largest fast food company in the world - McDonald, spent 300 million USD to buy a startup company related to big data system of Israel – this company focus on analyzing consumer’s behavior in a redirect effort from mass marketing to mass personalization.

Similarly, advertiser can use cookie, service with similar properties or another technology in order to identify the effectiveness and produce of advertisement about interaction. This action relates to store cookie on all devices of you.

Nowadays, many people are indifferent because they think their data is full of innocuous things, there is nothing worth to collect. They do not know a tool of Data mining will use algorithm to analyze amount of data which leads to make up online portraits of users with full of habits, interests, personalities, geographical locations, relationships ... From there the information holder will easily exploit you for different purposes such as target advertising.


You are allow to select Yes or No accept cookie, so before click on agree for social manager is accessed to use cookies of yours on various differentiated purpose, we should consider carefully. American had a famous statement: “There is no free meal in the life”.

Thanh Năng & Phương Thu team

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