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[F&B] Suntory Pepsico - Management Trainee & Graduate Sale/Engineering Talent (GST/GET)


- Recruitment: Broad–scale communication to recruit targeted young talents.
- Employer Branding: Part of EB Activation to strengthen SPVB brand as  “Employer of Choice”



- LEADs: 2.157 leads

- Completed Forms (5 required steps): 1.800 forms


- LEADs: 1.400 leads

- Completed forms (5 required steps): 700 forms

* LEADS definition:
- Candidates log in and provide full Personal information including: name, age, phone number, email, graduate school, graduation industry, graduation year. academic information: school, industry, year
* FORM definition: Candidates complete the following 5 required steps
1 / Log in (login) on the landing page & fill out the LEADS form.
2 / Fill out the form providing the learning process.
3 / Fill form provides working process (if any).
4 / Answer the question.
5 / Submit CV file for apply.


- GENERAL INFORMATION: Male/Female, age: 18 – 24, nationwide - focus at HCMC & Hanoi, fresh, graduated, first jobber, interested in FMCG category, active lifestyle.

- LOOKING FOR CAREER GOALS: Competitive base salary, good benefits, fairness & respect, professional training & coaching, international exposure.

TIMELINE: 6 months (11/2018 - 04/2019)

More than 70% of online traffic is from mobile devices, but users cannot complete the form on this device.

- Student & Fresh Graduate has not full-filled understanding, right perception about career opportunity, recruitment program at the global companies.

- Client has to face to many competitors, included:

   + Prestige employers & be famous for qualified MT program, like Unilever, P&G, Nestle, …

   + Potential employers which are knowns as their communication effort, like: Shopee, Lazada, Zalo, ...


- Developing application form mobile version which allows users to proceed to the "Log-in" step & complete the first step of form - Personal Information. After that, using user’s information (phone number, email address, …) which collected on 2 above step to re-marketing them with appropriate messages that encourages users to complete the next steps on the computer device. It is also unique point compared to other employers in the market.

- Finding out & introducing Unique Point & Benefits of Pepsi’s Young Talent Program (YTP) program that gives students & fresh graduate compared to other competitors, in order to create suitable content for encouraging (targeting & re-marketing) fresh graduates & students applying into YTP Program.

- Optimizing users experience on YTP Program's landing page to increase conversion rate, using section separately with suitable content & visual for each target group & specific departments.

Some screenshots of landing page.



- Leads 2.597 leads (original expected KPI of Leads 2.157 leads), reaching 120% KPIs.

- 1.823 completed forms (original expected KPI of Forms 1.800 forms), reaching 101% KPIs.


- Leads 1.800 leads (original expected KPI of Leads 1.400 leads), reaching 129% KPIs.

- 1.306 completed forms (original expected KPIs of Forms 700 forms), reaching 187% KPIs.

Some screenshots of campaign:

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