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[Banking/Financial] ACB - Opened new payment card & passbook

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES: Increase the quantity of OPENED NEW ACCOUNTS for payment cards and passbook.

- Optimize the messages about utilities of payment cards & passbook.
- Collect QUALITY LEADS to support sales.
- Optimize costs for leads.
TIMELINE: 02 months


For confidentiality of information, the client do not agree to create the landing page and all traffic to the website. This significantly reduces of user's attention and limits Ureka's campaign optimization.


Ureka persuaded the client to agree to create a separate campaign's landing page. Thereby increase the user's attention, optimize the user experience, help to segment user data better to support campaign optimization.


Increase bank products awareness. At the same time being able to create a separate landing page from which to optimize code, friendly with users ... helps create a good experience, increase the user's attention. And more importantly, the separate landing page that supports segment user data better, help to optimize the campaign better.

CR achieved 3.97% better than expected
Particularly for SEM, CR reached 12.47%
Post Engagement KPI, exceeding the planned KPI by 32.43%

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