Skype Advertising In Vietnam Market

Skype is chat platform which is massive and high affect to users.

Even male/female split of which 78% are 15 – 34 years old

Enjoy reaching worldwide 80M UU’s that spend on average 1.5M minutes on Skype per month

Skype Vietnam

Your brand wants to leverage a trusted environment in order to reach key influencers. Users feel Skype is a more personal experience than Facebook or Twitter. Ad position in Skype is few, selective and attractive.

Millions of people rely on Skype everyday for sharing experiences

325M connected users worldwide

2.8BN minutes of calls in a single day

1/3 of all international calls are Skype calls


User segments

In Vietnam, 3.6M people  Skype user include 51% female and 49% male.

Age group 15-24 takes 41%, 25-34 takes 37%,  35-44 takes 13%, 45-54 takes 7% and higher 54 take 2%

275M minutes conversion on Skype per month

1.4M average daily visitors

12 average us

77 average minutes per visitor

The difference

24% of the Skype audience in VN belong to the top 25% income bracket higher than  Facebook and Google. (Skype index 124)

24% Skype audiences in VN are most likely to be asked about their opinion on lifestyle, higher than Facebook and Google. (Skype index 124)

15% Skype audiences in VN are more likely to be interested in lifestylene compared to the onlien average, higher than Facebook and Google. (Skype index 117)

Skype which is the center of connection

Skype is home to the connections that mean most in our lives

In addition, Skype was known as a trusted environment

88% total brand awareness

64% of users have great respect for the opinions of those in their  Skype network

77% of user connect with family or friends

43% of users choose Skype because it is the most personal way to connect


Customer behavior on Skype

34% share a screen

40% share surroundings

54% communicate with someone in another country

77% keep up to date with friends of family

This is trusted information sharing enviroment which user are high appreciated about safe


Vietnam Market

Every month, there are 400M impression of ad display banner, currently on PC's 

Ad display banner on Skype:

·         Expandable: 728x90

·         Non-expandable: 320x50, 160x600, 300x600, 300x250

·         Dynamic Creative and Rich Media Capable

·         Refresh rate: 5 minutes

Various targeting options available:

·         Standard: geographic, time

·         Advanced: behavior, retargeting, DCO


Ad specific and policy

·        1 Day Creative Audit Process

·         Accept 3rd Party Tracking

·         Rich Media Creative Required to use Certified Rich Media Vendors

·         Initial Load Size: 40kb

·         Subsequent Load Size: 100kb

·         Animation: 15s

·         2mb FLVs (Video)

·         Audio & Video: 30s


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