Landing pages play a huge role in converting readers into potential customers. People click on the Landing page through ads but if they don't find what to expect, they will exit immediately.

Most marketers know the fundamentals of landing page best practices: compelling copy, top-right form placement, social proof. But beyond the basics, there are many small yet effective ways you can maximize the number of sign-ups your landing pages generate.

Here are five simple things you can do today to boost landing page conversions:

1. Up your image game

The human brain is said to process visual information exponentially faster than text. So, it pays to spend a little time choosing an image that will make the right impact.

Instead of using a tired stock photo or a picture of your product, choose something that will spark the emotional response you’re looking to inspire.

2. Get personal

In the age of ABM and highly targeted marketing, one-size-fits-all content is delivering diminishing returns. To see real engagement with your landing pages, use dynamic content to personalize the message to visitors based on what you already know about them—like their role or industry.

You can start small by simply inserting their name into the copy. Or you can experiment with more ambitious approaches, like making personalized recommendations based on their recent purchases.

3. Test, test, and test again

We all know the value of testing landing page elements. But how many of us, with hand on heart, can say we A/B test landing pages every time?

If you’ve been skimping on testing, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. After all, it’s well proven that even tiny variations can make a huge difference—like changing your button copy from “Register today” to “Sign up now.”

4. Rethink your use of forms

Yes, they’ve been a staple of landing pages since digital marketing began. But with more buyers using mobile devices and social media platforms trying to keep people on-site, marketers would be wise to reexamine the role of forms and data collection.

The good news is there are a host of promising, nonintrusive ways to gather information about prospects. Many social media channels allow you to capture registration and lead information directly on their sites. By integrating your paid ad campaigns with your marketing automation tool and CRM system, you can get the data you need without hassling your prospects or redirecting them to another page.

On traditional landing pages, you can leverage progressive profiling to gather information over time. Because prospects are required to fill out fewer form fields up front, this will help increase conversions. And collecting data over a prolonged period will give you a chance to nurture relationships and better serve audiences in the long run.

5. Netflix-ify your thank you pages

If someone downloads your content, it means they’re interested in what you’ve got to say. That makes the often-overlooked thank you page a perfect opportunity to offer them related content they may be interested in.

There’s ample evidence that B2B buyers will binge content from a brand they like and trust—just like the latest Netflix series. So, why stop with just one piece of content? The more they consume, the more they’ll understand their problem or solution. Plus, you’ll gain a better picture of what they’re interested in and where they are in the buying journey.


These five tips are all changes you can make today. Even your best-converting pages may improve with a couple of these tweaks.

So, before you send out your next marketing email, think critically about your landing page. Ask yourself:

  • Have I chosen an impactful image?
  • Have I included an element of personalization?
  • Have I minimized the number of form fields?
  • Have I offered related content on the thank you page?

If you answer yes to all, you’re set for a high-converting campaign. And by testing and optimizing each element as you go, you can push your conversions even higher


Dang Tuan Huy

Account Planning - Ureka Media

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