Brief Summary:

Viettel wants to promote its brand so that all potential customers who know Viettel's B2B solutions are: Viettel Business Solution.

- Branding, attract customers to the landing page, and collect quality leads.

Expected KPIs:

- Engagement: 23,300 engagements

- Video view: 52,120 views

- Click: 27,500 clicks

- Collect quality leads

Timelines: 09/2018 – 12/2018

Due to B2B-specific products, it is difficult to find customers and difficult to grasp behavior on the internet.

- Although it is a product of Viettel - a strong brand - but almost nobody knows Viettel has products for businesses.

- The implementation time is short, low budget.

Ureka's Solutions:

- Planning to wide reach, to branding and attract target-audiences & optimize for efficiency.

- Using Ureka DMP takes signals of customer behavior, analyzes & uses it to re-targeting strongly on DSP, Facebook, Google platforms ... especially re-targeting with SEM. 

- Create so much sets of banners (several dozen), contents … and use of different advertising formats, including Pr, Seeding, Video ... to optimize to achieve committed results.


Other results:

- Through behavioral analysis and further optimization should CTR achieved very good compared to the benchmark of the market, such as:

     + CTR of SEM is extremely high 9.19% (benchmark 5%);

     + Facebook PagePost CTR 3.38% (benchmark 2%);

     + Video View CTR 0.64% (benchmark 0.3%);

     + Facebook CTW has a CTR 2.94% (benchmark 0.5%) ...

- There are also other very good results, such as: Conversion rate (CR) of DSP 0.34% and SEM's 0.42%

Some screenshots of campaign:

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