Brief Summary:

- Branding to change consumer awareness that Mobifone provides solutions for businesses, such as: Mobifone 3C (Cloud Contact Center), Electronic Invoice (mBill) & Video Conference (MegaMeeting).

- Approach, attract potential users; Optimize and collect leads.

Expected KPIs:

- Click of Mobifone 3C: 17,000 clicks.

- Click of Mobifone mBill, Meeting: 9,200 clicks.

- Collect quality leads.

Timelines: 30 days (05/2018-07/2018)

New products, target audiences do not know Mobifone has products to support businesses.

- Product name is easy to mislead 3C vs 3G.

- The loading speed of website very slow at the desktop version.

- The new fanpage cannot take advantage of the old interaction to re-targeting.

- Short implementation time (30 days) and small budget, the customer information obtained is too small, difficult for optimization; Frequency is not enough to create attention & conversion.


- Create a separate landing page for each product to optimize the user experience.

- Combine multiple formats, perform multi-channel campaigns - Facebook (CTW, Page Post), Google (GDN, SEM), DSP.

- Also use chatbot, fanpage to timely provide information & customer care quickly and timely.


All Impression: 2,625,434 imps – All Clicks: 28,222 clicks.


- Although the achieved results exceeded KPI but due to the short implementation time, there are still many issues, such as:

     + No time needed to collect enough data to analyze, optimize better.

     + Time is not enough to have the necessary analytic data about keywords, content, banner ... to be able to plan better optimized.

     + Small budget, run a short time so the reach frequency to target audience not met, T.A have not enough time to know and understand the message. So the results are still low compared with expectations of Ureka Media.

     + Banners made according to the client's request too much content (text), unattractive so it is easily overlooked.

- After the campaign, Ureka Media has reported, analyzed, evaluated, made new marketing plan for longterm - in which optimized content, propose appropriate formats, use & coordinate multi-channels to achieve better results; and above all, to convince customers that they need to marketing plan, implement, investment-oriented longterm that will bring better results.

- Customers have trusted and agreed to Ureka Media implement marketing plan for Mobifone from Q3/2018 until now.

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