[Real Estate] The Park Avenue - NovaLand

- Brief: Re-Branding & support sales for high level apartment.

- Key KPIs: 27,600 Click, Est: 80 Leads

- Timeline: 24/3/2017 – 06/6/2017

The challenges of campaign: The project has been launching for a long time and has implemented branding & push sale campaigns before. This is also a good point and also a great difficulty in re-branding and attract new buyers with new messages.

Ureka's solutions: 

- Due to the fact that the project page is in the Novaland Group page with a lot of information and projects, it is difficult to optimize the campaign. Ureka convince the client to create landing page for the campaign from which optimal code, friendly chemical language user contact and is more important than landing page to support the Media Team segmentation user better, help optimize campaign.

- Use multi-channel to reach the target audience, message & optimization.


- Leads achieve 135% higher than expected.

- Click achieve 100% KPI.

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