Brief Summary:

Increasing brand awareness for investors and for Parkcity Hanoi Comunity project - The Mansions subdivision through online channels.

- Collect potential customers data (qualified leads).

Expected KPIs:

Developing content fanpage according to plan and specific orientations, the content varied and attractive calendar post was agreed.

- Increase the fanpage engagement through the post and video.

- Optimize website traffic through ads on Facebook, DSP, Google and banner ads on sites of other systems.

- Attract video views (TVC ads) of the project via Facebook and DSP advertising.

- Reach to potential customers via VOV Traffic channel (radio).

- Create a funnel, optimized to collect potential customers data.

Timeline: 3.5 months (from Nov 1st 2018 to Feb 15th 2019)

- Parkcity Hanoi is a complex of low-rise projects in the premium segment is located in downtown Hanoi & high value projects.

- Target customers who are so hard to reach.


Optimize content and advertising images.

- Optimize criteria to targeting target audiences (age, geographic location, interests, equipment, etc...)

- Re-targeting with customers who have interacted with the fanpage or who clicked on the landing page (customers interested in the project or potential customers).

Media approach:

Reach to customers through channels that increase brand awareness & optimize reach, such as: DSP Standard Banner, DSP Video in banner, Facebook pagepost and Facebook pageview.

- Access to customers by good contents & images.

- Optimize traffic to website, motivate potential customers to learn about the project through full information on the landing page.


- Reach to 106% KPIs commitment, with high quality measurement indicator, such as:

Viewable Rate 49.96% & CTR 4.96%

The content produced by Ureka is very good quality: from overall orientation of content to specific content and specific images.

- Gained 200 qualified datas of potential customers.

- Customers continue to renew the contract for The Mansions project in the next period from March 15th to June 1st 2019

Some screenshots of campaign:

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