[Real Estate] Estella Heights - Keppel Land

Brief: Requires the use of Facebook & Google Search to promote the latest sales, in order to attract new buyers.

Key KPIs: 10,300 clicks and 35 leads

Timeline: 09/2017 - 10/2017

Challenge of the campaign: The price of the high end segment. Client does not really believe in measuring KPI according to report from agency.

Ureka's solutions:
- Work with the client to understand the product, coordinate the insights of the customer in the product segment (including access to know the customer bought the product. True psychological target group
- Using third-party tracking (bit.ly and clickmeter) makes it easier for clients to measure KPIs.
- Use the methods: Facebook Boost Post, Leads Form, Google Paid Search


- 11,646 clicks - 113% KPI Click

- 216 leads qualified - 614% KPI Leads

Landing page: https://www.estellaheights.com.vn/

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