[Banking/Financial] Thẻ Visa Techcombank - Tặng vali sành điệu

- Attract new customers to open credit cards.
- Enhancing the brand recognition of Techcombank Credit Cards.
- Data collection of target customers who wish to open the card.
• Optimize promotional message transmission
• Get Quality Lead.
• Optimal Lead Costs.
TIMELINE: 01 month


1 / After 2 weeks actually run, the rate of CR online do not meet expectations, mutually renegotiate the access channel to evaluate the effectiveness of each channel and check the User Journey to examine the possibility of omitting to accessible to potential users.
2 / The offline CR rate of Leads has not been as expected.


1 / Add a Gmail channel to reach potential users across all possible channels.
2 / Ureka recommends Techcombank pay more attention to the last steps in the User Journey to lock the sale to avoid wasting advertising costs.


- Leads generated OVER 5.23%

- CR increased from 1.5% to 1.79%. Increased CR is the result of the addition of a potential adapting channel on all channels, and because the campaign runs for two weeks, the Media Team has sufficient time for testing and optimization.

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