[Banking/Financial] TCBond & TCFunds of TechcomSecurities

BRIEF: Online Marketing Campaign for TCBond & TCFunds of TechcomSecurities
- Increased product identification.
- Get leads support push sale.

KEY KPIs: 699 Leads

TIMELINE: form 08/05/2017 to 06/08/2017

CHALLENGES OF CAMPAIGN: The product is not well known. The market size is low, the user is a good earner to high (> 25M), knowledge of investment, stock, shares ...


- Wide reach, search for potential segments. Data collection & segmentation (data optimization).
- Content team & Media team learn the correct insights & accurate approach: Simplify the messages; Generate content messages that customers want to hear.
- Optimize & track conversions.


- Get 769 quality leads, 10% more than the customer's desired KPIs.

- Landing page: https://info.tcbs.com.vn/ureka-tcfund

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