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   290% KPIs


   1590% KPIs


Vietnam Star Automobile (VSA) is one of the four authorized dealers of Mercedes-Benz in the market. Marketing activations has always been offline event and sponsorship based, with limited VSA brand visibility online.

Though VSA is the market leader with the biggest market shares, consumers are not able to recall VSA as the preferred dealer of choice. Marketing activations efforts have not been materializing to its full potential and data have not been fully utilized and optimized.


Connect, collect, analyze and activate data. We establish and integrate multiple data touchpoints throughout all the offline and online campaigns to track the consumer journey flow and optimize by deliver the right message to the right audience to improve the VSA brand engagement and quality of leads acquisition.

Consumer Insight Analysis. Using our proprietary uDMP, we able to deep dive into the consumer insight to further enhance the campaign strategy and media planning to further uplift the out-performed results

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