Brand Share of Voice

From 2% to 55%

Mineral Water Brand Rank

From 3rd to 1st

Campaign Buzz Volume


Brand Discussions


Audiences Engage

11,700 +

MV Views

(within 16 hours)

MV Discussions



83,000 +


Low brand of voice on social media brand discussion volume for SATORI on Social media was just 2% while its key competitor, La Vie and Aquafina was at 90% and 8%, respectively*.

With the plan of launching a Music Video Campaign, SATORI wish to Increase brand awareness into the younger generation (Z generation) and gain social attention with animated discussions on social media, especially on MV and Livestream of Kinglive.

*Period from 01/07/2019 - 12/08/2019


Target Audience’s Insight centric. A full 360 degree communication plan that based on Target Audience’s insight and online behavior to effectively anchor campaign’s message in their minds.

From creating a Music Video to introduce a viral phrase that links to Brand value, to a highly engaging communication that generated a big wave in user generated content  (UGC).

Our strategic approach in communication is to create materials, feed it to the community and enable Target Audience to spread out among each other.

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