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[Real Estate] The Mansions - ParkCity Hanoi


- Increased brand awareness for Parkcity Hanoi Community project - especially The Mansions subdivision through online channels.

- Attract potential customers


- Developed fanpage content according to plans and orientations, with diverse and attractive content according to the unified posting schedule.

- Increased interaction for fanpage through posts and videos.

- Optimized traffic to websites via Ureka DSP, Facebook, Google and banner ads on Admicro system sites.

- Attracting video views (TVC) of the project through advertising on Ureka DSP and Facebook.

- Approach to potential customer via VOV Traffic radio channel.

- Create funnel and optimized to attract quality customer data (Qualified Leads).

TIMELINE: 3,5 months (01/11/2018 - 15/02/2019)

[Real Estate] The Park Avenue - NovaLand

- Brief: Re-Branding & support sales for high level apartment.

- Key KPIs: 27,600 Click, Est: 80 Leads

- Timeline: 24/3/2017 – 06/6/2017

[Real Estate] Estella Heights - Keppel Land

Brief: Requires the use of Facebook & Google Search to promote the latest sales, in order to attract new buyers.

Key KPIs: 10,300 clicks and 35 leads

Timeline: 09/2017 - 10/2017

[Banking/Financial] ACB - Opened new payment card & passbook

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES: Increase the quantity of OPEN NEW ACCOUNTS for payment cards and passbook.

- Optimize the transmission of messages about utilities of payment cards & passbook.
- Collect QUALITY LEADS to support sales.
- Optimize costs for leads.
TIMELINE: 02 months

[Banking/Financial] TCBond & TCFunds of TechcomSecurities

BRIEF: Online Marketing Campaign for TCBond & TCFunds of TechcomSecurities
- Increased product identification.
- Get leads support push sale.

KEY KPIs: 699 Leads

TIMELINE: form 08/05/2017 to 06/08/2017

[Banking/Financial] Thẻ Visa Techcombank - Tặng vali sành điệu

- Attract new customers to open credit cards.
- Enhancing the brand recognition of Techcombank Credit Cards.
- Data collection of target customers who wish to open the card.
• Optimize promotional message transmission
• Get Quality Lead.
• Optimal Lead Costs.
TIMELINE: 01 month

[Banking/Financial] Maritime Bank

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES: Increased awareness of users of Maritime Bank (MSB) products - especially credit products, procurement support - on the occasion of Lunar New Year; attract quality leads to support sales.
• Interaction with target customers.
• Attract quality leads.
• Optimize costs leads collected.

[F&B] Suntory Pepsico - Management Trainee & Graduate Sale/Engineering Talent (GST/GET)


- Recruitment: Broad–scale communication to recruit targeted young talents.
- Employer Branding: Part of EB Activation to strengthen SPVB brand as  “Employer of Choice”



- LEADs: 2.157 leads

- Completed Forms (5 required steps): 1.800 forms


- LEADs: 1.400 leads

- Completed forms (5 required steps): 700 forms


- GENERAL INFORMATION: Male/Female, age: 18 – 24, nationwide - focus at HCMC & Hanoi, fresh, graduated, first jobber, interested in FMCG category, active lifestyle.

- LOOKING FOR CAREER GOALS: Competitive base salary, good benefits, fairness & respect, professional training & coaching, international exposure.

TIMELINE: 6 months (11/2018 - 04/2019)

F&B - Chivas 18

Chiến dịch/ Campaign: Chivas - An expedition by Chivas, to find and bring home the perfect ice to pair with Chivas BS18

Thời gian/ Timeline: 12/2016 - 02/2017

Kết quả/ Result: 

- Mặc dù là rượu nhưng quảng cáo chạy rất mượt/ Although it’s alcohol, campaign did run smooth.

 - Đạt vượt kpi yêu cầu về Impressions, View, Engagement & Reach/ Get over KPI: impressions, views, engagements, reach.

F&B - Martell be Curious

Chiến dịch/ Campaign: Martell Be Curious - Martell Rewards Your Curiosity.

Thời gian/ Timeline12/2016 - 02/2017

Kết quả/ Result

- Thành công khi kết hợp cả kênh online & offline cho chiến dịch

Successful integrated both online & offline channels.

 - Đạt vượt kpi yêu cầu về Impressions, View, Engagement & Reach/ 

Get over KPI: impressions, views, engagements, reach.

F&B - KFC So Good (inBanner Video)

Chiến dịch/ Campaign: KFC So Good

Thời gian/ Timeline: 12/2016

Kết quả/ Result: 

- Đạt vượt kpi view 30s/ Get over kpi view 30s

 -View: 1,1 x Kpi

 - CTR: 0,4%

F&B - Vinamilk Southern Star (inBanner Video)

Chiến dịch/ Campaign: Vinamilk

Thời gian/ Timeline: 11/2016

Kết quả/ Result: 

- Đạt vượt kpi view 15s/ Get over kpi view 15s

 -View: 1,2 x Kpi

 - CTR: 0,6%

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